Mitch Martinez arrested for Child Porn

Is it even Memorial Day Weekend if a kid you went to high school with didn’t get arrested for child porn?

QUINCY — A Weymouth man is facing an additional charge of child pornography possession after investigators say they found more explicit images of children in his online accounts.

Mitchell Martinez, 22, of 126 Lakehurst Ave., Weymouth, was originally arraigned on one count of child pornography in Quincy District Court on Jan. 31 after police say an anonymous tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children led investigators to images on Martinez’ electronic devices.

Around that same time, investigators served a search warrant on Dropbox, an online data storage company, seeking electronic records connected to an online account labeled with an alias traced back to Martinez.

Dropbox responded on Feb. 20, granting investigators access to an account where they said they found an additional 285 videos displaying explicit content.

“I viewed most of the videos, and in my training and experience, they meet the requirements of child pornography,” a State Police trooper wrote in the arrest report.

The documents provided by Dropbox proved the account was accessed through an internet protocol address traced to Martinez’s Lakehurst Avenue address, according to investigators.

Police sent the files to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which told investigators on March 20 that its child recognition and identification system had identified 48 video files and one additional file that contained known child victims.

Martinez was arraigned on the second charge of possession of child pornography on Wednesday. A judge imposed the same conditions that were imposed under the first charge, releasing Martinez on his promise to return to court on Aug. 8.

He has also been prohibited from contacting children under 18, leaving the state, using the internet and possessing pornographic material.


There are like 6 people who truly understand how funny of a story this is, but it’s still worth writing about. I know traditionally a child porn case isn’t exactly “haha land”, but if you went to high school with this kid like I did, it’s the best thing you’ve read in a long time. If you went to Weymouth High School between 2009 and 2013, this is the least shocking news ever. Mitch Martinez was always an absolute lunatic, it’s just nice to finally have it in writing. He was also one of those kids you weren’t sure if it was okay to make fun of, but now that it’s out that he has 285 child porn videos it’s fair to say he’s lost that immunity.

First off, 285 porn videos is an impressive collection. Pedophilia aside, at least he had a hobby. I honestly wish I was passionate about something as much as Mitch Martinez is passionate about child porn. If he could have applied that to, I don’t know, absolutely anything else in this world, he’d be in much better shape. At least legally speaking.

There’s no way he even watched all those videos. 285 is a lot of content, maybe too much. I wonder if he went the binge watching route, or was more of a pick and choose type guy? You think he had the “Are you still watching” feature. “Hey Mitch are you still watching or you finally in prison?”

I feel like it’s like me and The Office. Yea, there are 9 seasons, but I’ll watch season 4 three times in a row before I watch season 8 once. My point is it’s hard not to play favorites when you’re dealing with that much content.

You don’t just casually collect 285 porn videos, that takes some serious time and research. I don’t have 285 of anything. Dollars, brain cells, nothing. The organizational skills needed alone are impressive.

It’s also hilarious that he used Dropbox. I think that’s when you know you have a porn problem, right? When you’re using a business tool used to share documents and collaborate on projects to organize your videos of little kids. Personally I think he would have been better off with Google Docs (it’s more intuitive), but that’s probably beside the point. At least he now has a transferable skill. “Hey Mitch I see you’re proficient in Dropbox, how’d you learn to use that software? Also why do you want to work at this daycare? The benefits, you say? What benefits exactly?” 

And how about the cop watching every single video. You think after watching the first 10 seconds of the first video he’d have enough to make a case, but nope, he felt it was necessary to watch hours of footage before coming to a conclusion. You also probably brag about your “training and experience” with child porn. You know how much training and experience I have with child porn? None. And that’s one of the few things I have going for me.

Lastly, I feel like the punishment should have been a bit more severe. Basically all that happened was that he got his phone taken away. It doesn’t really fit the crime. You shouldn’t be punished for child porn possession the same way I was punished for bringing home a bad report card in 7th grade.

So yea, Weymouth John, Mitch Martinez, Me. Lot of talent coming out of the 781 recently. I just hope he comes to the five year reunion. Then again, while everyone else is going back in time, letting the kids inside of us loose, he’ll probably be too busy letting loose inside a kid.


Fucking Jellybean (if you know, you know)