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Tim McCue: Founder & Contributor

Tim McCue

Tim was born on July 30th, 1995, like most little boys, weighing in at 70 pounds with an inverted penis that changed the way the medical community views the male body.

He’s now a stand up comic and writer in New York City, where he battles subway rats, black (African American) ice, and what his parents believe is undiagnosed autism (Which explains his fear of peanut butter and love for trains and tall buildings).

Jason David: Writer/Contributor

Jason David was born in 1994 and is very concerned his hairline is receding despite a lack of corroborating evidence (right?). He typically writes his column while neglecting a pile of work at his day job, so, in a sense, he is a professional writer. Jason would like his readers to know that he doesn’t subscribe to any JFK conspiracy theories but he can see why people have questions. You can hopefully see him someday on Comedy Central, by which time he will have cut off all contact with the Thiccapedia team and, in all likelihood, his family.

Note from the editor: I definitely didn’t hire Jason David as a writer based solely on the fact that his last name was David. I didn’t assume he was a great writer based on his last name, just all of his other Jewish qualities.

Dan Carney: Writer/Contributor

Ellen Harrold: Writer/Contributor

Steve Martimucci: Writer/Contributor