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Russia’s popular Vkontakte social media website has deleted a page promoting an online neo-Nazi Miss Hitler beauty pageant two weeks after it was launched. Vkontakte came under criticism in 2014 for hosting the anti-Semitic contest where users were invited to vote for their favorite female admirers of the Nazi leader.

The platform was used again this month to stage the 2018 Miss Hitler beauty pageant, according to the outlet that first reported on the 2014 contest.

“Toddlers and Tiaras” is going in a completely different direction this season.

After looking at the flyer, one of my first thoughts was “I’m surprised there’s not more diversity between the contestants.” Then I was like “Actually that makes perfect sense.” That’s sort of the point of the whole thing. I guess.

I think what offends me the most about this pageant is the quality of the contestants. Like yea the whole Nazi thing definitely hits a nerve, but I’ll take brutal Fascism over those bangs any day. You can’t claim to be the superior race when you’re dressed like your about to walk into an 8th grade dance in 2008. You could fit Hitler’s entire white agenda on the far right girl’s forehead. ( I mean, technically they’re all “far right”, but you get the point). On the other hand I will give credit where it’s due though, one or two of them are solid Neins.

What has to go wrong in someone’s life that they enter the Miss Hitler contest? I’m assuming they didn’t get into art school? History repeats itself. I guess. Also who’s gonna be the bearer of bad news and spill the beans to these girls that it didn’t exactly end well for the OG Miss Hitler? Not exactly the best footsteps to follow.

And why is this a Russian contest? I’m pretty sure Hitler fucked you guys over pretty bad the first time around. Only in Russia I guess. Thankfully we don’t have that Nazi problem in America. At least this time they realized to enter Russia before the winter hits.





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