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Ever since James Gunn’s old pedophile tweets surfaced, there’s been an ongoing debate on whether or not pedophilia is a subject that can be joked about. Numerous comedians have been under fire for past jokes regarding the subject, and for good reason. Pedophilia is never funny.

Although I’m strongly against it,  I do think opening up dialogue for this topic is great. Just today I led a riveting, healthy debate on the subject. The conversation started with me asking “Can pedophilia ever be funny?”, and ended with a park ranger asking me to put my pants back on and leave the playground immediately.

Sure, when I was younger I had no problem making light of the subject, but I really only did it for the cheap laughs. That was until my priest set me straight, and demanded I admit I was wrong. Sure it was a bitter feeling swallowing my pride, but it was nothing compared to the saltiness of swallowing his guilt.

I used to think you could joke about anything, but that was until I started dating a girl who showed me a different perspective. She made points I never even thought of. It makes sense since that’s her career path. She’s been dreaming of getting into social work since she was twelve years old, and that passion is just as strong today, a year later. I think she’ll be successful. She reads at a 9th grade level and everything.

And yea, sure, people will argue against me. Call me names. Mock me. I don’t care. Make fun of my stance against pedophilia all you want. I find the immaturity quite arousing. I’m so against pedophilia that I (as well as the state of Massachusetts) have decided to stay 500 feet away from elementary schools at all times. So no, pedophilia can never be funny. I just hope the kids in my online chat room were as progressive as I am.


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