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With temperatures soaring to 30C and above, many people have found the weather somewhat of a struggle.

But it’s not all bad.

Apparently the weather is actually having one very positive effect on men.

Some men are claiming that the heat is giving them ‘summer penis’, a phenomenon in which heat causes the penis to appear bigger.


Damn I gotta get outside more.

Everyone else is spending all day at the beach with summer penises, while I’m stuck inside all day with the AC blasting looking (squinting) down at my Antarctica cock. Apparently global warming is only affecting me above the waist.  Strike two when it comes to being Irish in the summer.

I guess that’s the result of spending my days in my chilled bedroom building an internet empire. The clicks continue to grow as I continue to shrink. Less room for error I guess. Aim small miss small.

But nah don’t worry ladies, I’m just kidding….. I don’t have AC in my room.


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