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Iowa defensive lineman Brady Reiff was arrested for public intoxication Saturday and didn’t even cause the police officers to do much work in the process.

According to Kat Russell of the Gazette, the football player approached a University of Iowa police car and attempted to get in before asking the officers for a ride home. The police report states that Reiff believed the car was an Uber.

“He thought that was our job,” the report stated, referring to giving him a ride home.

A breathalyzer test showed Reiff had a blood alcohol content of 0.204


Technically, you can use a police car as an Uber, but their historically stubborn on where they’ll drop you off. With that being said, they are free. Sort of a trade off. You get what you pay for.

I don’t think mistaking a cop car for an Uber should be an arrestable mistake. Whenever I walk out of a bar and see a line of Ubers waiting, I treat it like a game of “choose your own adventure”. Just get in the back seat of one and see where it takes me. “Uber for Ashley?” “Yep that’s me”.

I love how after this kid realized it wasn’t an Uber and actually a police car, he doubled down and just asks the cops to drive him home. That’s just someone having Midwestern manners. Sort of a dick move by the cops to not just take him home.

Also a BAC of .2 for a D1 lineman is impressive to say the least. Criticize his judgement all you want, but this man’s passion, desire, and work ethic are second to none. You don’t get that drunk without an unquenchable thirst for success.

In my opinion he’s just preparing himself for the NFL. You can’t get CTE if you already killed all your brain cells drinking in college. I used that strategy and I don’t even play football. Draft night mentality if you ask me.

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