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1. The one that goes baddum baddum baddum boom skrrt skrrt bumm bum tick tok billy bum da do dada 

Just an absolute jam. I just can’t help but get fired up whenever this bop comes on at a bar. Always at the top of my playlist. The type of song that makes you ask your Uber driver if he has an aux (he doesn’t).

2. The other one that’s like bow bow tick tock tick wop wop wop booom boom boom.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve requested this song. This one has summertime vibes written all over it. One of those songs you just can’t get out of your head.

3. That Louis The Child song I like

You guys know the one I’m talking about. The one that people always play. You’d know it if you heard it. The next time you hear it come one you’ll be like “oh this song”.

4. That one that’s the same as the first one but a guy is singing Spanish over the beat.

Its sounds like Despacito but its not.

5. Does Steve Aioki still make music? If so, whatever his new song is. 

Sort of unrelated story, but one time I met a guy at a bar who convinced me he was Steve Aioki, and we hung out all night. Eventually I figured out it I was just hanging out with a random Asian guy with long hair. Still a pretty cool dude. So yea, that’s the story of how I met Steve Aioki.

6. That Louis The Child song I mentioned earlier that’s actually not a Louis The Child song

I swear it was their song but I guess not.

7. Are the Chainsmokers EDM? Because I like some of their songs too and I’d have to update the list so lets just say they aren’t. 

8. I should also include a song that guy who died produced. 

Sometimes the bass drop is too much to handle. I guess.

9. The song made by the guy who wears the big helmet

No clue what that guy’s deal is, but he definitely has some songs that I like.





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