Parents of the year fake their son having cancer so he can go to a college football practice

A couple was arrested after authorities in central New York concluded that their son’s cancer battle – which led to a visit to a Syracuse football practice and more than $3,000 in donations – was a lie.

The investigation revealed that Mr. and Mrs. LaFrance participated in the creation of a GoFundMe request for donations which indicated that their child had cancer,” the sheriff’s office said. “As a result of this online solicitation, they did receive several thousand dollars in donations.

Is this the saddest story ever? Not the fact that parents faked that their son had cancer, no, I’m fine with that. Fake it til you make it. It’s much more criminal that someone cares that much about Syracuse football.

If you’re going to fake having a terrible disease to meet a college football team, atleast make it an SEC team. If this was Bama or LSU, it’s a non story. If it was Michigan, Jim Harbaugh would have had the kid in to personally cure him with his steak and milk diet.

You also got to remember, this is all for a spring practice. To quote one Philadelphia 76er, “We talking bout practice?”.

Is meeting a college football team even worth it at all? Let’s be real, most of the autographs you’ll get will be from guys who will be assistant managers at Enterprise Rent a Car in two years. Yea that state school communication degree isn’t going to save you when you eventually tear your ACL and your draft dreams go down the drain. Too real?

Also I feel like having the physical ability to practice with a college football team is a dead give away that you don’t have cancer. It’d be like someone with aids giving blood.

There’s only a finite times you can fake cancer, so you better get your money’s worth. It’s like how you can only tell your professor your grandmother died a limited amount of times during a semester. Once you send that third email, you better have a hell of a family tree diagram in your back pocket.

Realistically, you can only fake cancer once. Twice, depending on your body frame. So it’s a real go big go home type situation. If I want to win something I want something wild. I want a trip to North Korea to mud wrestle Kim Jong Un. I want a military tank as my commuter car. Now that I think of it, you better all pray I don’t get cancer, because I’m flipping all that sympathy and turning it into world domination.




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