A cat fight breaking out at the Weymouth Planet Fitness is the least shocking news ever

More trouble in paradise (Weymouth) today. This time, a woman caught the absolute hands from a manager at Planet Fitness after she tried to cancel her membership. (Cocky move to cancel your gym membership right before summer. Someone’s confident with her body. Good for her.) The video was posted on Facebook, and has already gained 53,000 views.

Despite the video only being 17 seconds, there’s a lot to break down.

First we have Tracy. I’m not sure if that’s her real name but it probably is.

planet fit 1

Although she only makes a short cameo, Tracy’s performance undeniably stands out. She had one line and she fucking nailed it. “Byeee”. Just look at her. Arms: crossed. Shoulders: relaxed. Face: Resting and bitchy. Hands: Ready for anything. Then the camera pans away from her, and she gets right back to writing that passive aggressive Yelp review. That’s a professional. That’s a company woman. Business in the front, probably a lot of sadness and regret in the back.

Then it got a bit spooky when the camera hit the Princess of Darkness, who 1000% has Hot Topic listed somewhere on her resume:

planet fit 2

She definitely had an argument with her mother before work this morning because mom hid her cigarettes again, so she doesn’t have time for any of this shit. She stays silent throughout the entire altercation, and I’m pretty sure that’s because she’s busy casting a hex. Also I’m no fashion diva, but wearing that red choker with a purple polo shirt might be the most serious crime committed in this video. I know you’re the princess of darkness, but maybe try turning on a light when you get dressed. I do respect the crossed arms though. Bad bitch 101.

Then we have the star of the show:

planet fit 3

She opens with a strong right handed clipboard swing, a move I’m pretty sure has been banned from most MMA gyms. That’s some WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs type shit. The minute office supplies are being incorporated into a fight, all bets are off. We’ve now entered the wild west. (Noticed the arms still crossed in the background.)

Things really get interested when she gets mobile. Say what you want but you have to admit she’s light on her feet.

planet fit 4

Coming out from behind the desk like Toll Booth Willy himself. The sky is the limit on what can happen from here. I just pray she’s not wearing khakis, because everyone knows never to mess with a woman in khakis.


FUCK she’s wearing khakis. Okay, no need to panic just yet. She starts strutting her shit right at the camera and now things are about to get real. At this point in 70% sure I’m about to witness a murder.


She then takes off her glasses, holds them in her right hand, and I’ll be honest, I thought she was about to come over the top with a hammer fist right here. Assault via reading glasses. An old librarian trick. I call it the Mother Goose.

She ends up keeping that move in her back pocket, and opts for the verbal assault. She gets up close and personal to the camera, and she hits us with a cleavage shot.

cleavage shot

If we’re being candid, this old fox is still bringing the heat. She’s got sort of a Caitlin Jenner look going on, and I’m man enough to say she’s pulling it off.

Overall, I have to give the woman behind the camera credit, she’s 10x braver than I would have been in the situation. The minute that manager turned that corner around the desk I would have been in car my with the doors locked. There’s nothing more scary in the world than an angry middle aged white woman.

Then again, the Facebook post was a bit dramatic:

I went to Planet Fitness to cancel my membership today. The manager was rude, talked down to me, lied to me about my contract, and then called me a cunt. Once I started recording, the manager grabbed my arm, threw my thousand dollar iPhone X to the ground, and proceeded to physically assault me.

The phone’s ok, but I am scraped. Bruised. And can’t stop crying. I can’t believe someone would try to hurt me over a $21.99 a month gym membership.

Thousand dollar iPhone X? Grow up, we all know it came discounted with the plan. If I know Weymouth like I think I do, that has Metro PCS written all over it. And since most stories have two sides, and gym managers don’t usually fight people for no reason, I don’t think that c-word title was unearned. I think it’s safe to assume that you were most likely acting in a cunty fashion before the camera started rolling. The timing of the camera being turned on seems a little to convenient. I’m not saying you didn’t have a valid reason to act like a cunt, but self awareness is always important in these type of situations.

In all, it’s nice to see Weymouth sticking to it’s routes. It’s nice to have that type of consistency to come home to. Whenever anyone asks me what Weymouth is like, there’s never enough sunlight or manpower to explain, so it’s helpful to have a video like this pop up once in a while to do the explaining for me.


2 thoughts on “A cat fight breaking out at the Weymouth Planet Fitness is the least shocking news ever”

  1. If anyone actually believes this 2 cent gutter sluts story that the manager instigated the fight they’re probably just as dimwitted as the illiterate 2 cent gutter slut that couldn’t read her contract mentioned above. The fact of the matter is that this self proclaimed cunt(I say self proclaimed because at no point before the altercation did any of them call her that) would not leave. She was being loud enough that it was disturbing the other members. Can any of you honestly say you wouldn’t try to escort someone like this out of your building? This girl actually came back in just so she could film the manager and try to get sympathy from her small internet following. Please hear both sides of the story before you try to comfort this illiterate “feel sorry for me” whore.


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