I’m ready to throw hands with whoever disrespected Lee from Weymouth

So I was casually surfing Facebook, creeping on people I haven’t seen in ten years, you know my usual Thursday routine, when I came across this roller coaster of a post on the Weymouth community page:


If you aren’t ready to go to war after reading that, check your pulse because you might be dead. I am fired up. Lee McDonald is back on her bullshit and so am I. Lee, if you’re reading this, let me know if you want me to have this bitch taken care of. I gotchu. I’ll gather up my A-Team. I’ll rally the troops. Me, Weymouth John, and, yea probably just us two but we’re ready to ride.

Whoever cut off Lee in the Stop and Shop check out lines needs to get got. She got the game all fucked up. She gon’ learn today. “Not how that works bitch” is an absolute dagger of a line. Couldn’t have said it any better myself, L-Mac. I’d would pay big money to have been able to hear her spit that line in real time. You knows she’s been holding that one in her back pocket for years.

Some people might think Lee is completely overreacting by posting this seemingly minor and personal inconvenience on a town wide Facebook page, but not me. Put that bitch on blast, L-Money. Secure the bag, homegirl.

If you’ve ever been at a Stop and Shop mid day during the week you know how much of a jungle it is. Basically a Vietnam hot zone this time of year. Jumping the checkout line is borderline terrorism. People have been killed for lesser offenses. Every middle aged to elderly woman will tell you that respect is everything in the food shopping game. There’s a chain of respect that’s earned through years in the streets (aisles). The minute you show weakness consider yourself dead. “Show no love, love will get you killed”- 50 Cent” – Lee from Weymouth.

If I’m the woman who crossed Lee, I’d just be happy to be alive. She’s lucky Lee wasn’t packing heat, because this story would have had a much sadder ending. But seriously, Lee, if you’re down to squash beef then I’m the fucking butcher. Take a ticket and get in line, hoe. Let’s ride.

PS: Lee absolutely flexes on Facebook

lee duces

lee duces 2

You never want to cross anyone who’s go to pose is throw up the two’s. Also this is my new favorite picture on all of Facebook. Just next level art.

lee hands

PPS: I apologize in advance if this is anyone’s grandmother or something. But if that is the case I would love to come to your next family gathering. Need to pick her brain.


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