If you’re having a bad day, just remember at least your bestiality account didn’t get hacked and publicized

Thousands of users on a bestiality website have had their accounts hacked, according to Motherboard.

At least 3,200 email addresses, alleged IP addresses, birthdates, private messages between users and other personal information are among the account details being circulated on public image boards.


Everyone knows bestiality accounts are the easiest accounts to hack. See, when most people set passwords, they either use the name of their pet, or their significant other. But for people into bestiality, these two happen to be the same, making it a much easier guess. Imagine the security questions? “What is your wife’s maiden name?” “Sparky.”

I’m also still not sure what a bestiality site entails. It can’t be a dating site, right? It’s not like animals are capable of setting up Tinder profiles. And as messed up as the concept is, it would be sort of cute if they could. You’re swiping through Tinder, and all of a sudden you come across a horse. But then you read his bio and it’s “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little sticious”, and you get really disappointed because he’s unoriginal as shit.

And who’s putting up personal information on a bestiality site? Feel like you might want to hold back some life details during that sign up process. Maybe just go for the “login as guest” option or something? Is it that necessary to get on that email list? I make up fake information for Groupons, who’s putting their full names of a site that’s dedicated to fucking animals? I feel like the membership option on a bestiality site is like the “Share on Facebook” button on porn sites. No one in their right mind should be using it.

On the other side of the situation, what could these hackers possibly do with this information? Sell it to PetCo? (Which I think is basically the Red Light District for these people.)

A bit unrelated, but you know how if you spend time researching something on the internet for a while, an add will come up for that same product on your Facebook the next day? I always wonder how weird I could get with that. Like if I just spent one day Googling how to bury a dead body, you think Facebook would show me ads for shovels?


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