Bad bitch pranks police, claims that she has a prescription for that meth they found

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Everyone’s heard of medical marijuana, but one Albuquerque woman claims she had a prescription for medical meth.

Authorities didn’t buy it.

Ginger Sharpe was arrested for a probation violation after her parole officer said she tested positive for the drug. However, according to court documents, Sharpe said she was prescribed the meth by a doctor in Farmington, and even had a prescription bottle with a label for meth tablets.

That bottle, it turns out, was an elaborate fake.

Sharpe is being charged with forgery and identity theft.

I’m not endorsing this behavior, but if you have the composure to create a fake prescription bottle with fake labels, all while high on meth, then I’m impressed. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is an accomplishment. I can’t even calculate the tip for my bar tab when I’m drunk, so if you can do anything close to this while on meth, the you get a tip of the cap from me.

With that said, she did slip up with the whole “doing meth on probation when she knew there was a drug test coming up” thing. I’ve never done meth, but I don’t think it’s a drug that you can sweat out the night before a pee test. I don’t think prune juice will do the trick with this one. But then again, doing meth is like being a parent, you really can’t understand it until you’ve been through it.

I’m also completely down for prescription meth. Meth is a powerful drug, why aren’t we utilizing it for good? Let’s use it for birth control. I mean, it won’t help prevent pregnancy, but once you have the kid, child services won’t let you keep it, since you’re, you know, addicted to meth.

Lastly, that is a hall of fame mug shot. Has bad bitch written all over it. The tilted head. The bad boy smirk. The emptiness behind the eyes. She just has it.

She’s also pretty hefty for a meth head. It hard work to keep up the calorie intake while addicted to a hard drug. Talk about gainz. What’s your excuse?


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