This Greek soccer owner storming the field with a gun is what sports are all about

Greece soccer has been suspended after a wild weekend saw a club owner storm the field strapped with a gun.

PAOK, one of the bigger clubs in Greece, looked to have scored a last-minute goal against AEK Athens to earn a 1-0 win on Sunday,  but the referee ruled the goal offside moments later. 

As Euro News points out, that resulted in PAOK’s owner, Ivan Savvidis, to storm the field strapped with a gun.

This is why we love sports. They call soccer the beautiful game, and now I see why.

I don’t hate the implementation of guns into soccer. Say what you want, but you have to admit it would make for a much more interesting game. I’m not saying we go overboard with it, but I think if we give each team owner a gun with one bullet, extra time could get wild. Think of it as a challenge flag with more flare. A money shot, if you will.

And yeah, some will argue that soccer is already the most popular sport in the world, but diarrhea is also the most popular way to die, and I don’t enjoy spending my Saturday mornings with either.

I would play for this man in a heartbeat. Like if he’s down to pull the trigger on an actual gun, I don’t think he’d have an issue pulling the trigger on a max contract. Storming a field strapped with a gun is a ride or die move by an owner, and that’s passion you can’t teach. That’s an intangible skill. Talk about an owner who wants to win. That’s how you prove solidarity with your players.

And can you even blame this man? 90 minutes into a 0-0 game, who isn’t ready to blow their heads off? If I sat through an entire scoreless soccer game, then I’d be praying for a mass shooting to take me out of my misery. I’d be jumping on the stands, hoping they collapse like they do once a year in Europe.

This is just extra motivation for the refs to get the call right the first time. No need to go to the monitor for a booth review when there’s already a target on your head. And maybe the game will move a little faster if the players are trying to evade a sniper.

Also I sort of want to see a soccer player get shot. Imagine the theatrics? Soccer players milk a bruised knee for 15 minutes to get a call, imagine the performance they’d pull of with a bullet wound. I could see one of them faking their death and holding a funeral for a free kick.

So shout out to this man for simply showing some passion for the sport he loves. Also lets maybe install some bulletproof glass in the owner’s box before next game.


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