Man arrested for ding dong ditching casually tells police that he’s actually Matthew McConaughey

Police responded to a call about suspicious person who was ringing a doorbell and walking around a residence in Georges Township, Fayette County on Saturday.

When they arrived, police discovered the man, later identified as 46-year-old Troy Miller, inside of the resident’s vehicle and took him into custody.

Miller refused to provide his identification information, and continued to identify himself as Matthew McConaughey, according to the police report.

Miller was charged with attempted theft of a motor vehicle, false identification to law enforcement authorities and loitering and prowling at night.


Spot the difference:

matt dopelganermatt comparison

Alright, alright, alright.

Hey Troy Miller, do you look anything like Matthew McConaughey? Be a lot cooler if you did. That’s what I love about these crackheads, I keep getting older, they stay the same age.

It takes balls (or very hard drugs) to attempt to finesse your way out of an arrest by means of convincing police officers that you’re actually Matthew McConaughey, but big time players take big time shots. That’s the type of confidence I just don’t have. I honestly wish I was delusional enough to turn on one of McConaughey’s 1000 romantic comedies that are all equally alike yet diversely perfect, look at that man, and think “Yep, it’s like looking in a mirror.”.

If you’re going to go the route of a celebrity impersonation to stay above the law, maybe look in the mirror first, do a little self reflection, and I don’t know, shave and take a shower? It’s little things like that, but they add up quickly.

Also maybe set your sights a little lower? I don’t even think Matthew McConaughey looks like Matthew McConaughey in real life, let alone this guy. Also I don’t

And how about this 46 year old man being arrested for running up to houses and ringing their doorbells? In a weird way, I respect it. Ding dong ditching is just a way for this man to let the kid inside of him loose, while taking a break from letting loose inside of kids.


2 thoughts on “Man arrested for ding dong ditching casually tells police that he’s actually Matthew McConaughey”

  1. I feel sorry for people , like yourself, who do not know the information correctly that you’re so rudely spreading around the internet. That man, Troy Miller, that you’re attempting to embarrass and tarnish his name, is actually NOT a crackhead. He is , however, a brother, son, uncle, and friend to many. So instead of spreading lies on the internet, get your facts straight and stop destroying someone’s life. Sincerely yours, a non-hateful person in this world.


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