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New York Times: Sam Rose has a son who loves Peter Rabbit, a character from a children’s book by Beatrix Potter, but she won’t take him to see “Peter Rabbit,” the new movie loosely based on it.

The issue? Her son has food allergies, and a scene in the film shows blackberries being used as a weapon. The backlash to the scene has already drawn an apology from the filmmakers.

“Peter Rabbit,” which came out last week, features live actors and computer-generated animals. A human character named Tom McGregor is allergic to blackberries. In a quest to gain access to his garden, rabbits pelt him with fruits and vegetables before using a slingshot to send a blackberry flying into his mouth.

It works.

Mr. McGregor struggles to inject himself with an EpiPen and then has anaphylaxis and collapses.

First off, why does it matter that the berries were black? As someone who doesn’t see color or haters, I’d at least prefer if you used the politically correct term, African American berries.

Also, how about mixing in a spoiler alert? Some of us planned on seeing this film, so there goes my Saturday. My date night with a really hot girl who you wouldn’t know because she goes to another school is ruined.

But honestly, good on this woman for finally taking a stand. See, I’m allergic to a lot things. Failure. Racism. Calling it a night at a reasonable time and just going to bed before I hurt myself and everyone around me. Ugly people. Peanut butter (not really, but I tell people I am because I don’t like the smell). So its nice to see someone finally speak out against the unfair portrayal of people with allergies in the media. Off the top of my head, I really can’t think of any other group of individuals who have been displayed in more of an unfair manor than us people with minor allergies. 12 Years a Slave? Yea, to shellfish.

Because you know what, sticks and stones might break your bones, but blackberries will collapse your lungs and kill you. And some of you might argue that its ridiculous to accuse a children’s film of weaponizing a fruit. And honestly, be thankful for your ignorance. Be happy that you’ve never fell victim to a food. I sure have. Just today, my mom packed me apple slices for my after lunch snack instead of my usual Chips Ahoy cookies. Should that be tried as domestic terrorism? No, but maybe treason.

So good on this woman for finally saying enough is enough. I’ll write that one off as a win not only for us survivors, but also the black(berry) community. Nevertheless, I persisted.

PS: Peter Rabbit is thiccc as shit. I’d be pissed too if he strutted into my garden clapping his cheeks like a standing ovation.

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