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Ikea’s first new ad for 2018 is interactive. The ad, running in Amelia Magazine, one of Sweden’s most influential magazine’s for women, features a popular item – a crib – and a message that might draw a double take, CBS Los Angeles reports.

“Peeing on this ad may change your life.”

The ad doubles as a pregnancy test. And if the ad does determine the adventurous reader is pregnant, then the now-positive pregnancy test/ad will reveal a coupon.

Nice to see that R Kelly landed on his feet with a job in the Ikea marketing department. I’ve been peeing on newspapers for years, so its nice that I can finally benefit from it. Say what you want about this advertising strategy, but I for one, think its absolutely genius. Sort of like a scratch and sniff type deal, but not at all. See, there are two moments in life that have thrills that are unmatched: taking a pregnancy test, and finding a coupon. Both are thrilling for much different reasons, but when you put them together, that’s pure nirvana.

In a lot of ways I’m very similar to a pregnant woman. I feel like shit most mornings, I have trouble with stairs, if I fall I probably can’t get up on my own, I have unnatural food cravings, and I get bigger everyday. On top of all that, me and a pregnant woman are more than likely both experiencing these symptoms due to poor judgement while drinking. There only difference is plan B was never an option for me. All of my eggs are in one basket, and all of her eggs, are well, fertilized.

I’m also sick of the stigma that cribs are just for babies. Moving out of my crib was the biggest mistake of my life. Looking back, everything really went downhill from there. I know I built an empire off of my twin bed, but I’d throw away all the glitz and glam that come with it just to be able to sleep in a crib every night. Imagine that? You’re talking to a girl at a bar, and ask her if she wants to go back to your crib, she assumes you’re just using a cool word, then she realizes you were being literal. That’s how you keep the girls on their toes. Always gotta keep them guessing. Mr. Mysterious.

I like the pee coupon idea so much, that I think it should be used in other industries. I say we start with lottery tickets. Everyone knows I’m a big proponent of investing all of my assets into scratch tickets. Its virtually risk free, and you’re practically guaranteed a positive return. Now, the most enjoyable part about buying a scratch ticket, is the anticipation of scratching through the numbers. Now, hear me out. What if instead of scratching, you just peed on the ticket to reveal your winnings? No more looking for a coin in your pocket. No more having to use your fingernail and getting the paper stuck beneath it. I really don’t see any downsides. The convenient stores you buy them in already smell like piss anyway. It would also encourage people to drink more water, because God forbid you’re sitting on a winning ticket and you can’t pee. Talk about a dry bladder leading to a dry wallet.

But why stop there. I think we should implement this technology into exams as well. There’s nothing worse than taking a Scantron exam, then having to wait a week for the professor to grade them through the machine. With this, you’d now be able to finish your test, pull down your pants, pee on it, then immediately get your grade. That’s 21st century education if you ask me.

So good for Ikea for being on the forefront of guerrilla marketing, if that’s what you want to call it, and not being afraid to go where others will not.


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