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One dollar Long Island Iced Teas are landing at Applebee’s as our Neighborhood Drink of the Month. All through December, loyal guests can enjoy our DOLLAR L.I.T.™–that’s a Long Island Iced Tea made with rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec in one drink for just a buck!

Any questions? We may already have your answers! Check below.

What size is the Dollar L.I.T.? The Dollar L.I.T. comes in a 10 oz mug. Some locations may serve the drink in a 14 oz glass, and due to overwhelming demand, they may be served in a plastic cup when supplies run low!

What’s in a DOLLAR L.I.T.? It’s made with a combination of five spirits: rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec. We pour the spirits over ice, add sweet and sour mix, and top it off with a splash of cola for a delicious cocktail. Exact spirit brands may vary, but they are all prepared with the same amount of 75-proof alcohol.

Some chain restaurants just like to watch the world burn, I guess. This is borderline an act of domestic terrorism. With that being said, I may or may not spend every day of December at Applebee’s. I hope my parents didn’t do my Christmas shopping yet, because my wish list now consists of an Applebee’s gift card. I’m honestly considering just withdrawing all of my money from the bank ($28), and converting it all to Applebee’s gift cards. I hope they’re open on Christmas, because I’m about to make a reservation for my family dinner.

Am I the only one not comfortable with Applebee’s bartenders making this drink. A Long Island Iced Tea seems way too complicated for the typical Applebee’s employee. Their brains explode when you ask to split the bill, so I could only imagine the chaos that will ensue when they have to mix several bottles of alcohol. Keep the tab open, Forest Gump.

I also love how they start by saying that the drink comes in a mug, then completely disregard that by admitting that you’re probably going to get it in a plastic cup. That might be the saddest sentence I’ve ever read. Imagine running one of the biggest chain restaurants in the country, and not having enough cups. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the cups are reused, either. Like there’s some kid in the back running solo cups through the dishwasher. Gotta cut costs in this economy, I guess.

I don’t actually think I’ve ever had a Long Island Iced Tea. I don’t have the patience to make that type of concoction. I don’t want to come off as a drink snob, but I’m more of a “fill a glass up halfway with straight Rubinoff, then pour Mountain Dew into it until it doesn’t taste that much like nail polish remover” type guy. It’s definitely an acquired taste, and you really need a mature pallet to truly appreciate it. Does that make me a mixologist? Sort of.

I’m also not usually in the mental state at a bar where I can order a Long Island Iced Tea. That’s just too many syllables for me at 1 in the morning. That combined with the loud music would definitely cause some harmful miscommunication. “Can I have a Long Island Iced Tea?” “You want to see my hymen for free?” (I’m not even sure what a hymen is).

So shoutout to Applebee’s for continuing to somehow pussyfoot around drink regulations/basic human rights by serving glorified grain alcohol and fruit juice in plastic cups to paying customers. That’s 21st century business if you ask me. Innovation at it’s finest.


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