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I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Louie took this particular masturbation joke a little to far. Nothing ruins a day more than finding out the man that you look up to and adore spends his free time jacking off in front of women. Tough start to the weekend if I’m being honest. Less than ideal. In all seriousness, this is probably the first time I’ve legitimately been upset by a celebrity scandal. Before this New York Times story broke, Louie was my biggest role model when it came to comedy. He started his career as a 20 year old kid from the Boston suburbs who wrote stupid jokes and made weird films, and that was something that I could identify with. He’s someone I saw and made me think that maybe that’s something I can do.

Like I cannot emphasize enough how much of an influence he’s had on me (in terms of comedy, not the whole rape thing. Gotta make that clear). He’s the reason I extended college a semester to study film, and he’s the reason I spend my week nights out until 1am doing shitty standup in basements of bars in front of 30 other white dudes.

He took full creative control in lieu of a massive paycheck when he made Louie, and what emerged from that was one of the most original TV shows ever created. I could write for hours about the show, about his comedic use of surrealism, about how it’s the complete opposite of every shitty sitcom on television like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, about how he’s not afraid to take it to dark places and doesn’t rely on tacky, unrealistic dialogue to make it funny, and about how he writes, directs, acts the entire thing, as well as edits the whole show on his 13 inch Macbook like it’s a student film.

He doesn’t care what people think (maybe to a fault after reading this article) and makes and does what he wants (once again, maybe too much). He self finances all of his projects, and redefined the business model of comedy, which is what my final paper for my production class is about, but now I feel like I need to change the subject. But then again, writing a term paper about a rapist is a huge power move, so I might have to do it.

So yea this sort of sucks. Am I just as much of a victim from this as the actual victims because I can’t enjoy his shows and stand-up without feeling a little guilty? No. But also yes. So thoughts and prayers to me.

With all this said, I need a new hero. I need someone to look up to. Someone who’s preferably not a rapist. Someone with a clean record who’s also an outstanding citizen. I’ve spent the day brainstorming potential replacements, and here is a list of people I could idolize, who also have squeaky clean pasts:

Kobe Bryant

Ben Roethlisberger

Jerry Sandusky

Kevin Spacey

 Bill Cosby

Okay, this might be harder than I thought. (That’s what she said.) So if anyone has any ideas about who my new hero should be. Please hit my DM’s.

Also, I have to admit that all these stories about comedians being creeps are sort of hurting my self esteem. See, I work at a comedy club, and spend a ton of time with comedians. Despite that, not a single one has come onto me (or on me). What’s up with that? Am I doing something wrong? Should I start dressing differently? Idk. I’m stumped. Whatever. RIP Louie. See everyone at OHE tonight. Until then, stay away from any green rooms and back stages.

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