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So there’s a new challenge that’s going around the internet that caught my eye today. The premise of the challenge is to eat 100 McChickens from McDonalds in 24 hours. It sounds like a daunting task, but I’m no stranger to food challenges. With that said, this is a completely different beast. 100 McChickens is a lot, but then again, anything is possible through Christ.

The question is, do I have to do it? I think I do. Everyone knows I’m king of the food challenge. Who else tried to eat 100 munchkins in an hour? Who else dared to ingest 10 McDoubles in 30 minutes? I have silver and bronze medals in the 6-12-18-24 challenge for a reason. I can’t stop now. I’m in to deep.

I could go out on top. Retire into the sunset. Live off the interest. But that would be too easy. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain, and everyone knows I’m not afraid to be the bad guy. You think I’m scared of a couple McChickens? McChickens aren’t scary. You know what’s scary? Spending most of your life on the orange line. Walking home from Howl at the Moon because your phone’s dead and you can’t call an Uber. Spending a year sleeping within feet of a massive mouse colony. That’s fear.

So yes, I will be doing the 100 McChicken challenge. I am planning on doing it all day Friday, because I have no classes, and also hate my body. The only issue is I can’t afford 100 McChickens, so I need help from the readers. The current market price for a McChicken is $1.29. According to my advanced mathematical calculations, 100 McChickens will cost $129. Because of that, I have started a GoFundMe to fund my life long dream of completing the 100 McChicken Challenge that I discovered twenty minutes ago. Please donate to this noble cause, and if you do, I will write you a hand written thank you note, and dedicate 1 McChicken to you. Below is the GoFundMeLink. You can also just Venmo me.


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