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US officials say an office supply issue was a major reason the African country of Chad was hit with travel restrictions by the United States.

It turns out a seemingly pedestrian issue was to blame: Chad ran out of passport paper.

All countries had been given 50 days to take several steps that included providing a recent passport sample. Chad couldn’t comply, and its offer to provide a pre-existing sample wasn’t sufficient.

I’ll be honest, I think I’m on Trump’s side with this one. I believe America is a melting pot, and that our greatest asset is our diversity of people. The mixture of cultures have driven unmatched innovation over the last 200 years, and for that, I think every person of every creed and color should have the opportunity to come to America.

On the other hand, I have no time for broke boyz. Get your paper up, Chad. Literally. What kind of half ass operation are you running over there? No paper? Out of all the shitty things that happen if Africa on a daily basis, the one thing halting your one way ticket out of that God-forsaken continent is paper? Hey Chad, you know what paper is made from? Trees. Now, I’ve never been to Africa, but I know it’s a large continent, and there are definitely a large amount of trees. I feel like trees aren’t a scarce resource in a country that is literally a jungle. Put Tarzan to work and get him a Staples uniform.

I honestly think Trump is doing Chad a favor with the ban. If you can’t afford paper in Africa, you’re not exactly going to be living a life in luxury here in the states. I took an Uber home from work last night, and I think it cost more than what I made during my shift. Good luck finding a place to live. I’d say that you could get a cheap place for maybe $500 a month, but that’s still the cost of 10,000 sheets of paper, so good luck with that.

I thought paper was a dying industry, but I guess it’s nothing compared to the country of Chad’s government. Then again, maybe they’re just going paperless. Moving everything to the cloud. Good for them then, I guess.

PS. I made the cover picture for this post a geography map of Chad, so everyone knew where it was. I didn’t need to do that, but I did. You’re welcome.

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