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So today I woke up to these emails: email email 2

I consider myself a level headed person. I rarely get angry, and am usually quite mellow. That is not the case today. Today I am livid, and even irate. It’s just sad that this is the America that I live in today. What happened to the American Dream? What happened to the days when a kid could start a baby sitting company that was also an unpaid internship program consisting of children providing him with free labor without any regulations? Fascism is real, but it doesn’t come in the form of a dictator. It doesn’t come in the form of an oppressive government. It comes where you least expect it. It comes in the form of a child care website.

I want people to know that I am not writing this post for attention. This is not to push some personal agenda. This is to raise awareness of the many struggles and obstacles that come with being a man in the babysitting industry. People don’t understand that the babysitting industry is a boys club. A boys club that you can’t get into unless you’re a 15 year old girl. It’s not right, and the patriarchy of little girls needs to be stopped.

It’s just sad that I live in a world where I can be overqualified for a job, but someone else will still get it, just because I’m a grown man who wants to be around little kids all day. Not only am I a former child, but I was also a child longer than anyone else. How many candidates can say that they’ve been a child for 22 years? How many people can say they peed their pants every day of first grade? Not many.

This is not an isolated incident, either. This is an industry issue. This is a classic case of systematic racism against male babysitters. I am literally shaking right now. This is how Hitler rose to power. Next thing I know, I’m being forced to wear a babysitter star and pushed into cattle trains. Is it a stretch? Yea, but so was the Holocaust at the time.

I just want to end the stigma of male babysitters. I don’t care how gay it is. I don’t care that it’s incredibly creepy. Men deserve to hang out with little boys and girls. When has that ever gone poorly? I spent years in Catholic school under the supervision of priests. Did they want to fuck me? Of course, who wouldn’t, but they never acted on it, and that’s what matters.

Overall, I’m just sick of people telling me what to do with my body. I’m done with it. But guess what? My penis grabs back. So call your local representatives, and ask them about their views on the oppression of white male babysitters. Tell them I sent you.


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