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“Healthcare bout to lose 150 M, Steven Bannon I wish it ain’t have to be him, bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.”

I understand if you hate this man, but boy is that jumpshot straight butter. Locked elbow, perfect balance, high and quick release point, and a pretty follow through. Was I the only one cheering for a pump fake or two? Maybe mix in a step back, or even a Jordan shrug. Donald is basically the Steph Curry of bullying Jeb Bush. The Ray Allen of being way in over his head. The Kevin Durant of tweeting. If you think about it, basketball and politics draw a lot of parallels. Setting a screen is basically the same as building a wall, Gerrymandering was the original zone defense, and swing  states are just big pivot foots. I’m not sure if he can run a country, but he can definitely run the point. The good news is the media will have a hard time reporting fake news about this since the ball don’t lie.

Say what you want, but Trump passed more in that thirty second video than Kobe did his entire last season. I’m also a little disappointed that no one on the crowd made a makeshift hoop with their arms. That’s sort of day 1 shit. I mean, I get that the people of Puerto Rico have other things on their mind, but when a shooter’s hot, a shooter’s hot. Can we get Trump’s shooting hand classified as an automatic weapon? This is why we need gun control. At least now we know Trump is pro (ball is) life.

So while some people criticize President Trump for not doing enough for Puerto Rico, I’ll be here watching highlight tapes of Donald “Lavar Ball” Trump.






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