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I woke up this morning to the news that Hugh Hefner had passed away, proving the point that Father Time is undefeated, even against Uncle Viagra. Lots of people are sad, which is understandable, considering the most not gay man in history just died.

Not only was Hefner definitely not gay, but he was also definitely not insecure at all. He proved both everyday by paying women to be near him at every moment of his life. The thing I’ll remember Hugh for the most, on top of having a ton of genuine relationships, is him not being a creep. Actually, Hugh was probably the least creepy guy on the planet. I really can’t think of anything less creepy than being a senior citizen and hiring girls in their early 20’s to live with you in one big house together.

Most prominently, Hefner was known for creating Playboy magazine, the number one place to go look at naked girls, with the exception of the entire internet. Hugh was a hero for the creation of Playboy, a magazine for MEN. Finally, us men had a magazine that we could relate to, after years of being overlooked.

Beyond my sarcasm, Hugh Hefner created a brand that was basically a huge middle finger to mainstream media, and that’s something I respect. He did what he wanted, said what he wanted, and did so in an unapologetic manner that few have the balls to do. He ignored all social norms, created a brand like no one had seen before, and had a great time doing it.

So RIP Hugh Hefner, you creepy fucking genius.

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