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Yes, you read that right. TFATB is now entering the Podcast game, as I continue to drag my nuts all over the internet. It’s teabag season, bitches. What’s the podcast going to consist of? The short answer: Mayhem. The long answer: I have no clue.

I’m bringing in my friend, Ben, to co-host it with me, and we’re just going to go all in on it. It’s going to be legit as shit. This has actually been in the works for a while. I’m taking a documentary production class right now for the sole reason being that I get access to the school’s recording equipment. Name someone else who can think outside the box like that. Just taking classes to push my own agenda. I’m playing mind games with an entire university at this point.

What type of content will be we be pushing out? It’ll be a bit of a smorgasbord (word of the day), to say the least. We’ll discuss trending topics in the news, answering questions submitted by listeners (more on that later), doing the weirdest segments you’ll ever listen to, and also some interviews.

I’ve got a recording studio booked and everything, and am hoping to get some in-studio guests to come on the show. I’ve literally been spending my entire Saturday in the library emailing local priests to try and get one to come in and perform an exorcism on me live on air. That’s the type of stuff that will be going down on the podcast.

The podcast just got approved by Apple, and is now available on iTunes. Right now there’s just a test episode, which is just 8 seconds of me breathing into a microphone to make sure it works, but I encourage everyone to subscribe to it as soon as possible. It’s free to subscribe to, so there’s really no reason not to, unless you’re a massive loser.


We’re going to start off with making one episode a week. We’re recording the first episode Monday night, and hopefully will get it out soon after that. What I need from everyone right now, is to submit some questions you want to be answered on the podcast. Feel free to write anything. Hypotheticals, would you rathers, dating advice, proclamations of love for me. I don’t care. There are no rules. Let’s get weird. Fill out the submission form below to send in a question.

I’m so excited to get this started. Once again, please subscribe. I love you all. I’m not sure how a blog I started on a free WordPress account to write funny articles for my roommates escalated to this point, but I don’t ask questions I don’t want answers to. I’m assuming it will all come crashing down soon anyway.


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