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The big (I use that term lightly) news this weekend was Clay Travis, a southern sports writer, going on CNN and debating about ESPN anchors getting involved in politics. The segment went off the rails when bad boy Clay Travis said he believes in the first amendment and boobs. The hosts of the show, like the professional and thick skinned journalists they are, lost their fucking shit. Here’s the interview:

First, let’s make fun of Clay Travis:

Clay comes out trying to be edgy, but does literally to opposite. Boobs? That’s the best you can do, Clay? Out of the infinite words you aren’t allowed to say on TV, you say Boobs? What the fuck? You were given a platform to ruin this lady’s day, and you come out swinging with “boob”? Who are you, a creepy Indian guy on the internet? “Show boob please.”

It’s concerning that Clay Travis had to take time out of a CNN appearance to make sure the entire country knows that he likes boobs. Why wouldn’t you like boobs, Clay? Thank you for taking that moment to remind us on how not gay you are. I guess. That’s a completely normal thing that normally functional straight men do. Every time I make a presentation in class, I actually start by stating that I like boobs, just in case anyone thinks that I don’t. It’s more of a precautionary measure, but I still think it’s important.

“I believe in the first amendment and boobs” sounds like something you’d find on a shitty bumper sticker at Spencer’s gifts. It reminds me of something that people share on Facebook, in between arguing about minimum wage, while they collect disability checks.

If Clay had any type of integrity for his beliefs, he would have come out swinging with a seaword. That’s how you get the people going. Maybe even drop the two syllable F bomb. The sky is really the limit.  Make it into a game of MadLibs for all I care. All I’m asking for is some creativity.

The two others on the show might be even worse.

When Clay said “boobs”, I honestly thought the anchor was going to shoot herself live on camera. That’s how ridiculous that reaction was. She was three seconds away from starting to speak in tongues. I cannot begin to understand how someone could ever be offended by the word boobs. Boobs is a medical term in my mind. Like if I was taking an anatomy test, and was asked to label the female body, I’d dead seriously label the chest “boobs”. I honestly might even do the same when labeling the male body.

How does CNN freak out over the word “boob”, but the station has no problem airing videos of cop shootings and people dying in hurricanes 24/7? I also can’t stand how the anchor refuses to say the word on the air, and continues to spell out the word. For anyone who can read, spelling out a word is the exact same thing as saying it. Yea maybe you duped a couple 4 year olds, but for the rest of us, it doesn’t make a difference.

So shoutout to CNN for holding up their journalistic integrity and having a heated discussion over the word “boobs”. Glad they were able to fit that into their busy schedule of making reality TV out of hurricane victims.


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