Happy Labor Day to me

In the capitalistic and consumer driven environment that we live in today, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of holidays. Columbus day has been belittled down to a Monday off in October, while we should be celebrating the genocide of Native Americans. I myself respect the history of the Native Americans, so much so that I take time every Columbus day to read “The Indian in the Cupboard”. Mother’s and Father’s day are both incredibly provocative and inappropriate, as they are basically just holidays celebrating unprotected sex. Did you know that 50% of pregnancies in China are STDs? Yea they’re called girls.

Military holidays have really gone by the wayside. No one even came to my Pearl Harbor day gift swap this year. My D-Day beach day was the worst event to ever happen on a beach. The religious holidays are the worst. Easter basically celebrates zombies, and Christmas has been cut down to deforestation.

Included in that bunch, is Labor Day. What does Labor Day celebrate? I’m wasn’t sure, so I looked it up:

labor day

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but if we’re recognizing people who work, I think I should be at the front of the line. The top of the list. Among all of the trade skills, I’d argue that blogging is the most important to our society. The fact that this isn’t a unionized industry is an absolute scam in my mind. I hesitate to label what I do “white collar” or “blue collar”, mostly because I’m collar blind. Michael Scott School of Business 101.

It’d be easy for me to put my feet up today and spend my day at a cookout like the rest of you. Nope, I’m sitting in my room dusting out blogs all day. That’s the work ethic I was born with (I also didn’t get invited to any cookouts).

So while you’re all out enjoying your day on boats and backyards, please don’t forget the real reason you have today off. People like me. Joe Six Pack. The 9-5 guys. The working class hero. But mostly me.


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