Spoiled man upset his seat on an 11 hour flight was covered in piss

A furious British Airways passenger had to sit on a urine-soaked seat for almost 11 hours on a flight to Cape Town.
Andrew Wilkinson (39) boarded the plane at Heathrow to visit his parents in South Africa.
He claimed a stewardess gave him wet wipes to mop up the mess when he alerted her.

“I was left to sit in a urine-soaked seat for over 11 hours when I paid £1,242 [€1,346] for a return flight with BA,” he told the Sun.

Uh hey Andrew, urine is sterile, so technically you got off the plane cleaner than you got on. Who does this guy think he is, the Queen of England? It’s common sense that anytime you fly to Africa you give up any human privileged you previously had. I get that South Africa is less shitty than the rest of the shitty continent, but it’s still Africa. You can dress a turd in a tuxedo, but at the end of the day it’s still a turd.

Also how about this guy having no respect for the wet wipe game? Wet wipes are a top ten invention. They’re up there with modern medicine and reversible underwear. Wet wipes can clean anything from Charlie Sheen’s nose to Mel Gibson’s antisemitism. Versatility at it’s finest.

Huge power move by whoever sat in that seat before him to just pee his/her pants. It’s actually sort of a genius move. Like what’s the worst that can happen when you pee your pants mid flight? It’s not like you can get kicked out. Airplane bathrooms are too small and gross, and they’re always occupied. You also have to do a walk of shame to and from them, and you have to pee fast enough so no one thinks you’re taking a shit. It’s an overall terrible experience. So why not remove all that work and pressure and just let loose in your seat? Yea, you’re gonna get some next level swamp ass, but the freedom is worth it. Solid trade off if you ask me.

So this Andrew guy needs to chill out and sit in his pee chair and be happy he’s just visiting Africa. No matter how strong of a piss stench he gives off, he’ll still be the cleanest person on that continent.


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