Man kicked out of Casino for pooping his pants

A Danville, KY, resident visited JACK Casino in Cincinnati Wednesday morning claiming they asked him to leave for something he did not do.

Tyler, who asked FOX19 NOW not to share his last name, was asked to leave because of the stain security said he had on his pants.

When he went to use the bathroom a casino spokesperson said three customers saw him throwing out his underwear and complained that he smelled.

“This occurred during the $1,000 free money giveaway in the poker room,” he said. “I feel extremely embarrassed and hope that this is not done to any more casino patrons.”

Tyler said he won $2,000 as part of the contest and feels he was thrown out because the casino did not want him to win any more money.

First things first, this guy 1000% shit his pants, and he needs to stop denying it. With that, I respect the hell out of him, and his performance. Anyone who’s ever pooped their pants knows how much of a veteran move throwing out your underwear is. Gotta cut the fat. No weak links. Burn the ships. Bury the body.

I also love this guy standing his ground, saying the casino kicked him out because he was winning too much, and not because he clearly smelled like shit. Just a guy writing his own narrative. I’m not a big casino guy, but I don’t think casino workers just go around accusing people of shitting their pants. If they do, then that might be my dream job. I wonder what this guy told his wife when he came home. “Honey your home early, what happened?” “The casino kicked me out because I was winning too much.” “You shit your pants again didn’t you.”

This is a case of “if you smelt it you dealt it” times 10000. This guy is way too defensive for a guy who didn’t poop his pants. How about this man putting his face on major news sites and doing interviews, yet refusing to give his last name, like that’s going to keep him anonymous. He should have taken his money, went home, showered, and never talked about this again. That’s the tried and true formula for pooping your pants.

For someone who seems to pride himself on his poker IQ, I don’t think he understand the gamble of going outside. I walk outside every day knowing I might shit my pants. Everyone should. If you don’t, you’re living in a fantasy world. No one is above pooping their pants.

To add to this, I think it’d be even worse for this guy to be innocent than guilty. Like you know what’s worse than pooping your pants? Not pooping your pants, but people think that you did because of how bad you smell.

So Tyler, we definitely believe that you didn’t shit your pants, and that a casino kicked you out for no reason, despite the fact that everyone in the building saw you throw out your poop covered underwear. Air proof story, Tyler. Air proof.


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