Is the Solar Eclipse the most over-hyped event ever?

So apparently this afternoon there’s a big solar eclipse event happening, and everyone is losing their shit, buying overpriced 3D googles, cancelling plans, all because it’s going to get dark out for an hour. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure what’s happening is the moon is going to block the sun for a little bit. Sounds cool, but not at all. My question is, is this the most over-hyped event ever?

A solar eclipse just doesn’t do it for me. Like people are losing their minds over an object blocking the sun. You know when else this happens? Literally anytime a cloud passes. People are going bananas over the sun disappearing, as if it hasn’t happen every night of your existence. It’s called night time. Look it up.

I could see this being cool maybe 100, even 50 years ago. Back then life was boring as shit. You’d wake up, go to the factory or farm for a hundred hours a day, then die. Not anymore. You know what’s cooler than any solar eclipse? Anything on my computer or cell phone.

Everyone’s debating on the best way to see the eclipse or the best places to see it from. They’re all wrong. The best place to see it is Youtube. Want me to save you an hour of your life today? Go on Youtube, search “solar eclipse”, and fast forward to the good part. Boom, I just got you a free hour to do whatever you want.

With this stupidity, I do see opportunity. A window of chance. See, while everyone and their mother is looking up at the sky, I finally have the freedom to work without the distraction of others. Everyone will have their glasses on, and I’ll be scheming and pussyfooting around without any interference. I can finally blog in peace, and maybe my 2 year old shitty laptop will stop crashing since I’ll be the only person on the internet. Classic me, finding the silver lining and being 3 steps ahead of everyone at all times.

So enjoy the darkness, nerds. I’ll be grinding with my head down like usual.


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