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It looks like “Saturdays are for the boys” has taken a weird and dark turn this week, as Nazis have taken to the streets of Charlottesville, for what looks like the weirdest day drink ever. I’m all for dartying, but this feels just a little off to me. This is what happens when there’s no NASCAR. I woke up an hour ago, and have spent that time scrolling through Twitter. During that time, I found a couple highlights of the situation going on.

First, there’s this video:

Obviously this is an incredibly hateful and cowardly message, but I have to admit, it’s sort of a jam. Say what you want about Nazis, but they sure can carry a tune. Did they get DJ Khaled to produce this? The hook needs some work, but I think they have something. Is it too late to declare it the song of the summer? Hate aside, I think it slams.

Also I guess Nazis are big tiki torch fan:

My favorite part about the whole thing is easily the tiki torches. Nazis aren’t funny, but the thought of a bunch of Nazis rolling through HomeGoods or Pier 1 Imports and buying every tiki torch in sight is definitely funny. I thought my grandmother was the only person who still buys items made out of wicker, but I guess I was wrong. The protesters claim that they’re being oppressed, but the only thing being oppressed here are the mosquitos. I just hope tiki torches aren’t a hate sign after this. Hitler already ruined the trendy skinny mustache look, and I really don’t want the same thing happening to the tiki torch.

I don’t like to give people like this advice, but this is awful marketing. Looking in from the outside, it tough to get people behind your cause when you’re selling yourself as the next generation of Nazis. Not sure if they can read history books, but it didn’t work out too great the last time around. It’s tough to start a bandwagon for a losing team. Nazis trying to get people to support them, is like the Cleveland Browns trying to get people to buy season tickets. Not a great sales tactic if you ask me.

For the situation itself, these people lack the brain power to accomplish anything serious, and if they really care about their safety, they’ll focus less on minorities, and more on cutting back on chewing tobacco and incest. Happy Saturday.

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