TFATB is now on Instagram @tfatb

Daddy’s home. The day has come. TFATB is invading another social media platform Omaha Beach style. TFATB is now on Instagram @tfatb. Most people take it easy on Monday’s. Ease into the week. Recover from the weekend. Not me. I’m out here running a business. Increasing user experience. Raising brand awareness. Basically teaching a marketing class from the back of a stats classroom. Who would have thought the kid who got a B- in intro to marketing 3 years ago would go on to be the next Don Draper? I continue to impress myself more and more everyday.

In terms of the Instagram page, I have zero idea how I’m going to utilize it. Do I look like a man with a plan? Exactly. Maybe I’ll start making memes. Maybe I’ll make it more of a TFM/Barstool type page with viral videos. Maybe I’ll just post shirtless pics everyday. Who knows. All I know is I now have another account’s DM’s to manage. The work never stops.

So stop what you’re doing immediately, and go like the page on Instagram right now. @tfatb


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