High School basketball coaches fired for using school bus to buy beer

Two basketball coaches from Tishomingo High School in Oklahoma were fired after they drove a bus owned by the school to purchase alcohol, KOTV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reported Saturday. A member of the school board confirmed the coaches used the bus while the team was attending a basketball camp at Connors State College in Warner, Oklahoma.

According to MaxPreps, Tishomingo went 7-14 during the 2016-17 season.

Just another example of a tone deaf school administration. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Probably due to my vast experience with summer basketball camps. Summer basketball camps are fun when you’re young, eating ice pops and playing knock out all day, but once you get to like 6th grade, it kind of starts to suck. The snack breaks disappear, and you just start getting yelled at.

I don’t how its possible, but every basketball camp I went to was held during the hottest week of the summer. The sole reason I think global warming is real is because how many times I almost died of heat stroke. There was not way that heat was natural. That’s why I see nothing wrong with what these coaches did. I never really thought of basketball camp from the perspective of coaches, but it must be even worse. Just sitting there, sweating, watching kids play shitty basketball all day, they must have reached their breaking point, said screw it, and just grabbed a school bus to the liquor store. “Hey coach, why does this Gatorade taste weird?”

I used to go to a hockey camp every Saturday (yea I played every sport, whats up ladies), where the coach would sleep in his car the night before and show up still hammered. Best coach I ever had. I’ve always believed that you’re not truly an expert in your craft until you can teach it to little kids while blackout drunk. I think of him every time I wake up still drunk. That’s how you make a lasting impression on a child. I had some good role models growing up. Everything’s starting to connect.

I also found it interesting that the article noted that the team had a losing record last year. This firing might be a scapegoat for the losing record, which in that case I have no problem with. Drink on the job all you want, as long as you keep winning. That’s all I ask of my coaches.

So yea, maybe I’m just used to it, but I have no issue with a couple coaches grabbing a rack during a water break at basketball camp. Just molding these kids to grow up to be intramural all stars. Not the heroes we deserve, but the ones we need.


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