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A Sheepshead Bay father was so angry when he found his heroin addict son’s stash that he shot it up himself and almost died of an overdose — just to send a message to his kid. “I told him if you’re not going to stop, I will do the same as you do,” Sergey Gnatovskiy, 45, told The Post. “I [tried] to send him to rehab. He promised me he was going to go, and I found it again.”

But the risky life lesson seems to have worked: Son Maykl, 23, claims he’s been scared straight back to rehab after finding his dad passed out on the floor of their living room Wednesday afternoon. “After seeing this, I definitely want to go. I’ve been doing this since I was 15. I’m 23 now, I can’t keep doing this,” he said.

Parenthood is tough. Lots of parents talk about how you really can’t understand parenthood until you’re actually a parent, and I guess this is what they’re talking about. Like it would be easy for me, being a single 21 year old free bird, to sit here and judge and mock this man, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Honestly this guy is just trying to relate to his son. I assume they don’t have a great relationship, you know, because of the whole doing heroin since the age of 15 thing. Doing heroin at 15 is wild. 15 is young. Like he did heroin before he read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He shot up before he could go to driver’s ed. Not to glorify drugs, but that’s kinda bad ass. I honestly consider him a bit of a prodigy. A boy wonder, if you will. I would have loved to see this kid sit through high school health class, getting lectured about the dangers of alcohol and pot, all while knowing damn well he’s doing heroin after class. It’d be like sitting in an English class, waiting for it to end so you can go write the next great American novel.

This dad was just trying to be the cool dad. Its like when my dad will wear one of my shirts, or drink one of my natty lights. This dad just took some of his son’s heroin. Tomato Tomato (that doesn’t work in print). Just trying to be young again.  The crazy thing is though, the kid stopped doing heroin. It worked. Its like when parents find a box of cigarettes in their kid’s room, and make them smoke the whole carton. But in this case, I think he just realized his dad was better at heroin than him. The kid has been doing it for eight years, and not a single overdose. Not one near death experience. His dad pops his heroin cherry and hits it out of the park his first time. A true natural. The greatest generation indeed.

So shout out to this kid for doing heroin before puberty, and shout out to this father for teaching dads all around the world, how important it is to have common interests with your son, even if it might be hard drugs. Truly, the Atticus Finch of our generation. (Two TKAMB references in one post, NBD)

Oh yea, and addiction is a real disease (wink wink)


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