Words cannot describe how much I hate this father who picked his son up in a Speedo

A prankster father has pulled one over on his 15-year-old son by arriving to pick him up from the last day of school wearing only a speedo.
Father Justin Beadles is seen running manically toward his son Jack’s high school in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in a video with over 15million views since it was posted on Tuesday.
The dad, who is a pastor at Countryside Church, and his wife of 20 years Heather have four kids together, including 15-year-old Jack, the target of the speedo prank

Sorry for the Narcissistic posts, but I am in full hate-mode today. The rainy hungover Monday and reading stupid things on the internet have put me on full suicide watch. I’ve contemplated calling the hot line several times. The only thing stopping me is the Bachelorette being on tonight. I have to know if Rachel lets DeMario back in the mansion. Please keep me in your prayers.

With that disclaimer out of the way, lets keep the hate rolling. This is the worst dad in the world. I thank God every day that my dad wasn’t like this growing up. This is the type of dad who always has to be the center of attention. The dad who was bullied in high school, so he does everything he can to make sure he’s the “cool dad”. The dad who coaches little league and shows up in full uniform. The boy scout leader. He knows all about his son’s school drama. He probably dresses up for Halloween.

Everyone wonders why there are so many messed up kids in the world, and I think this is a big reason. You can’t have a dad like this and not endure some mental trauma. This is why we have school shootings. Why can’t he just embarrass his son like a normal dad and get too drunk at the end of the year rec basketball banquet? I’m just happy the situation didn’t escalate. If I go to that school, and I see a middle aged male pastor coming in hot with a speedo, I’m going into full survival mode. I”m throwing hands. I’m blowing my rape whistle. Yelling “fire” at the top of my lungs. That’s just a mentality that I built up through all those years in Catholic school. I’ve seen some shit. I’ve seen that look in a priest’s eyes before. No fooling me. He’ll be getting a call from Social Services soon.


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