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Hahaha that’s not how you ride a bike! These two are always cooking up crazy adventures. Never know what they’re gonna do next. Jimmy Fallon is HILARIOUS. Like, the comedic brilliance this guy displays on a daily basis is wild. I’m legit dying of laughter while writing this. Two guys on a bike?!?! But wait, that’s not right. Gold, Jerry, Gold. Its like they’re bros, but also a couple. Like a bro-mance. This was so funny I legit had to turn off Lip Sync Battle. Saturdays are for the boys! These two really know how to “Send It”. Has anyone seen that video? HAha. See a chug send a chug. Can someone please make a meme of this? My Facebook Friends need to see this.

You know what would have been even funnier? If they made a Trump joke. Like if they said Convfefe. I looked all over the internet for jokes like that and couldn’t find ANY. Like yea, some comedy nerds might say Jimmy Fallon hosting the Tonight Show is an embarrassment to Johnny Carson. Or that if George Carlin saw this he would be glad he’s dead. But what do they know? George Carlin never made a viral video. He’s never been published by the Huffington Post.

All I know is that this is legit #Goals. I’ve been refreshing BuzzFeed all day, waiting for a quiz to come out on “10 reasons why Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Are Your Spirit Animals”. I just love when I see celebrities do things that I do. Keep the classics coming Jimmy. But not too fast, or I’ll be legit #dead. Oh man, what will these guys do next?

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