Lena Dunham just ended Gun Violence

dunham tweetdunham pic

Just when we thought we ran out of answers. Just when we thought that the debate between gun control and the second amendment would run stale. That our divided country would fail to come together. Lena comes to the rescue with this incredibly selfless and courageous act. Its gotta end, guys. Its gotta end. How do we do it? How do we end gun violence? Wear orange. It was right in front of us the whole time. In plain site. Oh how naive we can be. Lena’s out here doing God’s work. Putting herself in what seems to be an orange body bag. What did you do today to end gun violence? Did you put on an orange sleeping bag with a hood and post a picture of it on twitter? No? Then you’re part of the problem. Blood is on your hands. Innocent people are dying every day just so you can wear whatever shirt you want. Congrats on murdering people. I guess this really is Trump’s America.

Thankfully, Lena has our back. The hero we need, but don’t deserve. She did it though. Against all odds. Against all the school shootings and terrorist attacks, Ms. Dunham has come out on top. A true warrior. Its over. As of 10:08 AM this morning there’s no more gun violence. Thank you Lena. Look at the stats. How many shootings have their been since she tweeted this? Probably only a couple, but Chicago’s sort of a lost cause. They say nothing rhymes with orange, but you know what rhymes with orange today? Hero. Freedom. Equality. Beauty. Acceptance. Pride. Love. Thank you Lena. Thank you



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