Proposing to a girl on a Jumbotron at Fenway might be the most genius way to break up with someone

If you haven’t heard the story by now, a Red Sox fan proposed to his GF on the jumbotron, and it did not go well.

One man’s proposal did not hit a home run at Fenway Park. Red Sox fans witnessed an unidentified man’s failed attempt at scoring himself a fiancée on Sunday. According to a video captured by a fan, it appears the man is asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage on the big screen. But rather than a sweet embrace, the couple is caught arguing. The cameraman turns away from the tense moment, and fans began to weigh in on the awkward moment on social media.

While reading numerous articles and takes about the situation, everyone is saying how bad of an idea jumbotron proposals are, and how stupid this guy is. The thing is, they’re all wrong. They’re not seeing the big picture. They can’t step back and see what I see. They lack my vision.

See, this man is a genius, but no one realizes it. I guess it really does take one to know one. This guy is a genius because he, and every other man who has had a failed jumbotron marriage proposal, have all successfully crafted and the best break-up plan ever schemed, and here’s why:

Its clear as day that any man who proposes to a girl at a baseball game is banking on her saying no, giving them an easy out on the relationship, while not having to be the bad guy. These guys aren’t idiots. They know that its a scientific fact that being proposed to at a baseball game is every girls worst nightmare. If its not, she’s probably a switch hitter, at least. I’m pretty sure no girl in the history of baseball has ever stayed at a baseball game all 9 innings. That’s not being sexist because I don’t think I have either. The only thing more boring than baseball is being married to a guy for 50 years who proposed to you in the bleachers.

Its a win-win for the guy. He gets his 15 minutes of fame, probably gets some free beers from the guys next to him, and gets to hit the Baseball Tavern a free man after the game in search of the least annoying girl in a Dustin Pedroia player T she made into a belly shirt. A great night at Fenway indeed. That’s why its America’s past time.

So unless your boyfriend is Jimmy Fallon and you’re Drew Barrymore, chances are if he pops the question while at Fenway, its over. Also, for someone who hasn’t been in a serious relationship since 6th grade, I think I might be a dating expert. I really am a five tool player. What a life.



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