I looked at colonial art at the MFA yesterday and art is still stupid

So yesterday I headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts with the original idea to make a video of me observing art and poetically breaking down each piece. Then I learned that its quite frowned upon/illegal to videotape myself talking loudly in a quiet museum. Whatever. Live and learn. I went with plan B, and took some pictures of some artwork and will reflect on them below. I only got to the Colonial Art exhibit, mostly because I got bored and didn’t want to be there anymore.

I took an art history class last year and it was a disaster. I had to make a 10 minute presentation on an abstract art piece, and ran out of things to say within 45 seconds. Then again, finishing early is something I’m used to. All the art kids laughed at me, including the professor. But whatever, more people will read this blog than will read their resumes when they graduate. Boom. Roasted.

So anyway, here are some paintings that did me like a Catholic Priest and touched me:




art pic 3

This one really inspired me. It reminded me that if I keep working hard (writing stupid blogs) maybe 1 day I can get my twin bed in a museum. If that ever happens I demand that it be displayed as is. Don’t clean the sheets, and everything that is currently under my bed must remain there. It would just lose its artistic value if it was altered. My twin bed is the definition of Avante Garde art. Just pushes the limits of art.  Classic yet modern.

art pic 5


art pic 6

An 18th century 9/10. Definitely got around the block. The type of girl Paul Revere would only write letters to with a feather pen after 2am.

art pic 8

When you’re trying to write a blog but blogs won’t be invented until 250 years after you die.

art pic 10

When the Qdoba hits.


art pic 11

Me in 3 years.


art pic 12

Its not gay if its art.


art pic 13

Not sure if this was part of the exhibit but its still more comfortable than my actual bed.


art pic 9

We’re all thinking it so I’ll say it. George Washington’s and his horse were both low-key thiccc.


art pic 1

Not completely sure what’s going on in this painting but I look great.


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