Commenter claims Facebook is anti-Christian and pro-ISIS. I investigate.

So Friday I wrote an article reacting to child porn infiltrating Facebook. A typical Friday for me. Nothing special. Punching the clock. Just trying to feed the kids. Over the weekend, I received quite the comment on my post:

crazy lady.JPG

Didn’t learn that in history class. My college education has failed me once again. Katharine Ford comes in hot educating the shit out of me. Coming in from the top rope. Giving me the people’s elbow of conspiracy theories. I love it. A lot of people shy away from constructive criticism but not me. I bite the wooden spoon and take it. I take aggressive internet comments like a man. Raw dog lifestyle.

So I took a closer look at her comment, and reflected on her major points:

“Facebook’s tolerance of kiddie porn is part of a larger agenda, as is its tolerance of anti-christian and pro-islamic terrorism rants.”

Gonna have to disagree with the first part. Pedophilia and Christianity pretty much go hand in hand. Anyone who spent time in Catholic School knows that. Secondly, I cannot confirm or deny that Facebook is pro-ISIS. I don’t even understand how ISIS keeps posting videos online. How do they have better wifi in a dirt hole in the Middle East than I do in my school library? Its all a little fishy to me. Gotta keep my head on a swivel with that.

“Zuckerberg did not create Facebook. It was invented by the CIA” 

Everyone who watched “The Social Network” knows that Zuck stole Facebook, and no one cares. He didn’t steal it from the CIA though. That took 30 seconds of investigative reporting for me to find out. I went to the CIA website and immediately confirmed they did not create Facebook. No way the person who designed this webpage created another website that has face recognition software and Farmville:


I pay $4 a month for this website and its more advanced than the CIA’s. That’s some Mavis Beacon level shit. Also shoutout the me for having an incredible amount of journalist integrity. That’s me getting digging to the truth. Looking in all the wrong places for all the right answers. That’s me being an industry trailblazer.

I reached out to Katharine in the most professional manner I could think of (Facebook message) and asked if she would be interested in doing an interview to go more in depth on her thoughts. I haven’t gotten an answer yet, so if anyone has any connection to her, please let me know. Also let me know if she’s all there in the head. Not going to say any names but I had a bit of an issue with that in the past week. Bad boy life.


PS: I am not comfortable with how many times I have written the phrase “kiddie porn” on this site over the last couple of days. Its an SEO nightmare. Some creep is going to google “kiddie porn” and my site is gonna be first on the list. Actually fuck it. Pageviews are pageviews. kiddie porn kiddie porn kiddie porn kiddie porn kiddie porn kiddie porn.


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