Doctor who was dragged off the United Flight traded drugs for sex, so I can now make fun of the situation

Yesterday when the now viral video of the man getting dragged off the airplane came out, I pondered whether I should put in my 2 cents. I saw a lot of people were really upset with the video, so I decided to leave it alone, because, admittedly, the video was pretty messed up. (I only slightly grinned)

Then it comes out this morning that the guy has a history of trading drugs for sex. That’s what I like to call “flowers on my doorstep”. A care package of fun. Now that this fun fact is out there, here are a compilation of my thoughts:

1. They did him a favor 

When I first saw the video, I was a bit concerned. I felt bad for the man. Then I read that the plane was heading to Louisville. If your on a plane to Louisville, Kentucky (not going to the Derby), the best case scenario is that you get dragged off like a tied up pig. I stopped in Louisville on a road trip this winter, and let me tell you that place is not a great vacation spot. We stopped by to see the Churchill Downs, and it was quite the experience.

Churchill Downs is in the absolute Hood. I’m talking Roxbury but the people have less teeth. I actually respect whoever decided to put the biggest event for probably the most white and privileged sport in the world in that neighborhood. Huge power move. White recognize white. If you do ever find yourself at Churchill Downs in the middle of winter, I recommend hitting the online horse betting room. My friends and I spent 3 hours there and I placed about 4, $3 bets. Was too busy just taking in the atmosphere. People throwing around food stamp money and putting EBT cards on the horse in gate 4. That’s what horse racing is supposed to be.

2. This guy is business savvy

I’m almost four years into a finance degree, and have still yet to learn how to trade drugs for sex. I guess college is overrated after all. Every class is the same. Stocks, bonds, futures, options, its all been done. If Northeastern truly considers itself an innovative university, they better offer a class in this next fall. Better yet hire this guy to teach it. Would love to see what his office hours are like.

3. Why was he allowed on the flight?

I don’t think he should have been on the flight, but its not for the reason you think. I can overlook all the felonies, as long as you don’t recline your chair back if your in the seat in front of me. The reason I don’t think he should have been on the flight is that he’s an avid online poker player. The New York Post wrote in their article that “Dao’s player profile on the World Series of Poker website lists his total earnings as $234,664 since he joined the poker circuit in 2006.” Online poker is a huge red flag for me. If you’re an adult, let alone a doctor, and spend your time playing online poker, I assume that you will eventually commit a violent crime. No one who plays online poker is stable. No one with a World Series of Poker Username is happy. When you sign up for online poker you should have to agree to have your name put in the No Fly List.

So there are my thoughts. And after all that, I still think getting dragged out of a United Flight covered in blood is still better than flying Spirit. Boom Roasted.

Also, looks like someone started my diet plan:


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