Life Hacks Ep. 1: Stress Relief

Recently my days have become a bit stressful. A bit overwhelming. Between writing blogs, texting girls, and doing that whole full time college student thing, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for my usual mental health routine. This routine used to include:

  • Making girls fall in love with me
  • Working on my NHL 12 Franchise Team
  • Drinking when I get bored
  • Falling asleep with Domino’s in my bed
  • Making people uncomfortable (Jk I do that without trying)

Now that I don’t have time for those activities, I’ve been a bit lost. I need new things to relieve my stress. I brainstormed a couple ideas, let me know what you think:


I know what everyone’s thinking, “Tim, running could jeopardize you thicccness.” “Tim, won’t it get in way of your carbo-loading cycle?” “Tim, aren’t you already always on your feet?” The answer to all of these are yes. Yes it could. But this is becoming necessary. I have a 5k on Saturday that I have yet to train for. Then again, it should probably be training for me. Regardless, I should probably wipe off the cob webs on the running shoes. Little known fact, I ran 4 years of cross country in high school. Was I the most gifted runner? No. But everyone knows my pain tolerance and mental toughness are both at a dangerously high level. I was also the king of mental warfare during races. I think I have the world record for most flat tires given out in a high school cross country race. I also wasn’t afraid to toss my weight around. Yea I only weighed like 150 lbs in high school, but that’s like 300 lbs in the cross country world. Linebacker mentality. Always shooting the gap. Realistically I’ll go for a run tomorrow and turn around a mile in because my headphones keep falling out, but you gotta start somewhere. One day at a time.

Getting more involved in the community  


Trying new food

I am the pickiest eater in the world. My food groups consist of pizza, hot dogs, buffalo chicken, and pasta (four lokos aren’t a food group they’re a lifestyle choice). That being said, I think it would break up my busy life to try some new foods once in a while. If anyone has any new food that they want me to try, let me know and I’ll probably make a food challenge out of it, and my mom will text me right after, begging me to stop shoving food in my mouth as fast as I can. Which is honestly a pretty fair request.

Explore the city more

Being in Boston for a while now, I admit I take it for granted. I’m a bit over it. I don’t appreciate it as much as I should. I’m really only in my basement, Our House East, or The Baseball Tavern. Maybe Howl at the Moon if its Thursday. This is also because the weather makes me want to kill myself 8 months out of the year. But now that its starting to get nicer out, I think I should start going to different places. So if any girls want to take me somewhere new. HMU

Hopefully those new ideas will bring me down from the ledge. If not, whatever.




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