I dare the Boston serial killer to cross me

If you have been reading the news lately, you know a bunch of young men like myself have gone missing in Boston. Mostly late at night after going out in the downtown area. Many people have come to the conclusion that this is the work of a serial killer. A Buffalo Bill type. This hits close to home for me. This guy literally wants to kill me. And I love it.

I need this excitement in my nightlife. Most nights usually end with me buying prison food from 7/11, getting in an uber pool, and texting every girl in my phone. Its getting old. I’m over it. But imagine walking out of the Harp, or Ned Devine’s, then immediately getting in a fight to the death with a serial killer. Immediately fearing for you life. That’s what I need. Bar fights are played out. I want to be chased by a mad man through the back alleys of the North End. Actually I take that back. I would be doing the chasing. I would dominate him. I’d put myself in his shoes. Think like a mad man. The minute he thinks he has me is the minute I win. I have a more in depth plan but I know better than to put it in writing. I know he’s reading. I love it. I’ll take the pageviews and clicks from anyone I can. Ad revenue is ad revenue. (Yea I monetized the site yesterday, making money while I sleep, ladies)

A lot of people are most vulnerable when they’ve been drinking. Not me. I’ve been through too much. I’ve beaten death (alcohol poisoning). Laughed in the Grimm Reaper’s face as my 18 year old body was shoveled off the ground at UMass Amherst. Watched my life flash before my eyes when my high school dean would call my dad. I peed my pants every day of first grade. This is nothing. For the past 4 years I have been drinking in Roxbury. Glocksbury. Mission Trill. I walk home from the library every night wondering if I’ll make it home to grill hot dogs on my George Foreman. Wondering if the old dominoes in my room will be eternally waiting for me to come home. I get heckled by the neighborhood kids on a daily basis. But its to the point that they respect me. They respect that I can take their verbal beating. I am one of them. So yea, I’m not too scared of 1 creep hanging around downtown like a fucking tourist.

So yea, as long as there is not a gun involved, I am 0% scared of this creep. 10/10 times I win a 1v1 face off. Bet the house on that. Buy me on margin, and short sell this creep.


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