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food challenge death

Couple things here:

First, RIP to this fallen hero. A true martyr for the cause. One that didn’t live to tell the tale. Food challenges push people to their limits, and sometimes some people just refuse to let the food challenge win. Its bittersweet to know that this man is in Food Challenge heaven right now, watching down on me.

Secondly, I feel like this is my fault. This is gonna keep me up at night. This guys probably saw my food challenge, and saw me make it look easy. Saw me make it my bitch. Saw me push my body to a point only few can. I wish I could have warned him. I wish I could have told him how much I’ve trained up to that moment. I wish he knew my work ethic before he tried it. God knows it could have saved his life.

Also, you gotta respect a 42 year old doing food challenges. I hope I can stay in the game that long. Its too bad this guy didn’t know when to step away. I get it. Food challenges become a big part of your life. Its tough to hang up the cleats. To step away from the limelight. The fame. The women. Everything that comes with doing food challenges. At least he went out on top (depending on if he finished the challenge. If he died and didn’t even finish that kind of sucks).

Lastly, I think I have to do this challenge. I think I have to avenge his death. Never back down.

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