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Kim Jong Un is kind of a dick. Not a good guy. Went way too far with the whole ultimate leader and dictator thing. It is important to me that you know that I know that before reading the rest of this post.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I would like to discuss a recent news story about the young man.  It recently came out that Lil Kim executed 5 of his security officials with an anti aircraft gun, while making their entire families watch, for “enraging him”. It goes on to say that this has been a common occurrence since 2011, when he took power. For those who don’t know, this is what an anti-aircraft gun looks like:


2 Things:

First,  I love this move. Dictators gonna dictate. Real recognize real. Just a classic negative reinforcement tactic. Just typical Kim definitely not compensating for his small penis by using an unnecessarily large gun to murder people. Its not a mistake if you do it twice. Kim’s security officials will know that now. Imagine how bad the Sunday Scaries must be if you work for Kim Jong Un. You’re just sitting in your bed Sunday night, setting your alarm, hoping your boss isn’t in a bad mood and decides to execute you with a weapon built to take down aircrafts. Comes with the job I guess.

Secondly, I’m kind of jealous of the guys who got murdered. Like, you have to be a somebody to get taken out by a anti-aircraft gun. Its probably such a hassle to set up. You know you’ve made it in life when people are using military grade weapons to end you. Fairytale stuff I’ve been dreaming of since I can remember. I’ll be so pissed if I die some boring way, like peacefully surrounded by all my loved ones. Fuck that. That’s so played out. I want people to have to clean me up. Ruin a guy’s day. That’s some pimp shit. Mamba Out.

Also not related, Kim Jong Un might be the most adorable dictator is history. Just a big teddy bear full of hate.

So Kim, if you’re reading this, get your people in touch with my people, and lets link and build. I fuck with your vision.

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