My favorite places to meet women

It should not be this hard for someone as charming, loving, caring, and sexy as myself to meet women. But it is. I recently realized that this was because I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I was lost. A wanderer on an endless quest. I had to make changes. So I went back to the drawing board, back to the film room, spent hours inside my on head. After endless trial and error, I did it. I created a definitive list of the perfect places to meet women, and I am selfless enough to share it. Take notes:

1. Uber Pools

Uber Pools are a huge up and coming social scene. I’ve met some of my best friends in Uber Pools. Its the perfect set up. Imagine being able to talk to a person as much as you want and they can’t leave because they are in a moving car. Just a good natural interaction. I spend most of my Saturdays just taking Uber Pools around the city, in hopes of finding the one. Wooing young ladies in the back seat, all while ranking up a 5 star Uber ranking.  Just riding around with no destination, waiting for the universe to do its thing.

2. The Orange Line

Its an old hockey trick to surround yourself with less attractive people to make yourself look better. No better place in the world to do this than the orange line. By myself I’m probably only a 9/10. Maybe an 8.7 depending on the last time I showered. You put me in between a homeless man and a lady talking to herself about the daughter she wish she had, all of a sudden I become a young George Clooney. A mini Josh Mader. So if you are ever wondering where I am, I’m probably riding the orange line end to end with your future wife and my future baby mama.

3. From a distance, possibly in a bush

Its not stalking if she thinks it cute. (she probably won’t)


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