Crafting the Perfect Tinder Profile

Everyone is on Tinder these days, and having a solid profile with great pictures is a must. Saying that, I have taken it upon my self to take you on a step by step journey of crafting the best Tinder profile possible. Lets get started:

Opening Pic:

tinder 4
The first picture is obviously the most important. Gotta put the best version of yourself out there. Show them the money maker. This is probably the best picture that I have of myself, and I look fantasic. The facial hair says that I’m mature, but still hang around young kids. The shirt is sexual, but not rapey. Just a perfect blend. Right swipe every time

Second Pic:

tinder 2
Chicks dig athletes, so you gotta throw in a pic of you doing something athletic. This leaves a little mystery to it though. Am I doing an Iron Man? A family friendly triathlon I didn’t train for? Special Olympics? Who knows. All I know is that I fill the fuck out of that child size bike helmet and am riding that 1980’s era bike like a lunatic.

3rd Pic:

tinder 3
Gotta show them the goods. Full body pics are a must. Just head to toe perfection. From the Channing Tatum jawline, all the way down my dancer legs. Sex Sells.

4th Pic: The Clean up hitter

tinder 5
A little rule of thumb I have is to make sure you have a picture that shows you met someone famous, and a picture that shows that you have black friends. This one does both. A little two in one action. Absolutely fool proof.

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